The therapeutic fasting: the PR. Longo Fasting Mimicking Diet

Therapeutic fasting can improve your life at all levels, from the body to the mind.

In recent years, there has been a significant growth in the number of people undertaking this practice. However, it is fundamental that people who use this meal plan be aware of the strict rules that must be respected!

The aspects and consequences of therapeutic fasting

Therapeutic Fasting – Cell Regeneration

Therapeutic fasting is a real rehab. The body, at first, moves the previously accumulated toxins and then eliminates them.

There will be in our body an activation of a mechanism suitable for depuration of different sectors including tissues and organs.

However, beware! Fasting is not always recommended and not for everyone.

The processes activated during the fasting period are multiple and for this reason, it is better not to improvise a “DIY” method which has more contraindications than benefits.

The results in this case may be the exact opposite of expectations and sometimes the consequences are irremediable.

As a result, some collateral effects such as:

  • Reduced immune responses
  • Alteration of different systems (gastrointestinal and pulmonary)
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Heart failure

Pr. Longo and the Fasting Mimicking Diet

In 2015, in a study published in the famous scientific journal Cell Metabolism, Professor Valter Longo exposed the effects of fasting. Fasting activates powerful metabolic processes, that is why the scientist has formulated the Fasting Mimicking Diet, a food protocol that simulates such processes safely and while eating.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet is not a continuous diet, but it plans a caloric restriction for 5 days in a row. Therefore, it allows us to eat little but according to certain rules. The study conducted by Longo and his team of researchers, demonstrated how the effects of this diet could be beneficial for our body.

The beneficial effects of FMD


During the fasting period, Longo explains, the body focuses all its energy in the processes of healing and regeneration. In the presence of pathologies, this “smart” caloric restriction turns up to be effective in activating the repair processes of the tissues affected by the disease.

The goal of the FMD is to deprive our body of certain nutrients, such as glucose, in order to generate alternative energy resources. During Fasting Mimicking Diet cycles, a relative increase in stem cells has been observed.

Another fascinating aspect can be noticed from the research and the studies carried out, it relates to the significant reduction of the hormone IGF-1, a key regulator of cellular aging processes, and the outbreak of diseases associated with it.

By following the Fasting with food, risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, or neoplastic diseases such as cancer, are greatly reduced!

The Fasting Mimicking Diet do it yourself could be the first safe and effective intervention to promote positive changes.


Article written by: Francesca Florenzo


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Extending Life thanks to a diet: My feedback on the FMD Prolon Kit

Extending life through a diet: Anna’s direct feedback, who tried Prolon kit and discovered the benefits of fasting mimicking diet.

“I remember I got home after a long working day, I wanted to relax on the couch and watch TV. That evening, a new episode of the TV show “le Iene” was broadcast. While writing an e-mail, it was almost never possible to disconnect completely, that TV show was broadcast on “how to extend life through the diet”.

I admit to I was surprised by hearing the word diet because recently, after deciding to stop smoking, I was led to use food as a palliative to avoid thinking about it. The result? I put on some weight! “.

“As the program was going on I realized it was not about the common slimming diet. Professor Longo (whom I had never heard of before) interviewed by Nadia Toffa, explained that “prolonging life through the diet” was possible. What struck me most was the absolute revision of the concept of “caloric restriction” as well as the enthusiasm and satisfaction of Nadia for using this 5-day FMD kit.

Extending life with FMD diet

Once the interview was over (Click here to watch the video), I looked up to find out how it is possible to “extend life” thanks to Professor Longo’s scientific research-based diet. The next day I bought the book “The diet of longevity” in which the scientist related systematically the studies he carried out. In the following months, I followed the DL diet (longevity diet) and lost many of the accumulated pounds, as well as a positive feeling of well-being.

Driven by the positive effects, I was convinced to buy the Prolon kit, also available in the gluten-free version, because I’m celiac. I admit I have put aside the scepticism that generally distinguishes me, I did not think it was possible to prolong life through a diet but, if I decided to take this path, it is above all because according to the research carried out I understood that it was about a serious program, scientifically proven”.

That is how my 5 days started!

Extending Life , the benefits of the Prolon diet

“At first, I was a little worried because of my very intense rhythms that I thought could have been an obstacle: I live in Genoa but I work in Milan and I am the typical” commuter “who gets up every day at 6 am and returns at 9:30 pm. It was actually simpler than I thought! The preparations contained in the kit are almost all ready to use, so extremely are practical.

In addition, I did not expect freeze-dried products to taste as good! I would also like to find some of them in the shops, for example quinoa soup and kale cracker. ”

How to prolong life with Prolon? I tell you:

“A super positive experience: a lot of energy, no loss of strength. You realize that you do not need all the calories we usually introduce into the body to live and feel good. I was not hungry. I was expecting problems with constipation, perhaps because I thought that caloric intake did not guarantee a normal physiological process, but it was not.

My abdominal circumference has further decreased and my blood pressure has generally improved. Another interesting aspect is that, often suffering from cervical sinusitis and back pain, after 5 days, the frequency of both symptoms manifested lowered. I do not know if this beneficial effect can be found in the diet but it is certainly an aspect not to be underestimated.

In short, I had a feeling of general well-being that covered different aspects: from the brighter skin to the feeling of lightness and physical efficiency, from a greater capacity for creation and concentration to the good mood “.

What has changed after the FMD?

“After 5 days, the desire to have an increasingly healthy lifestyle continued and I decided to fully adhere to the rules of the diet of longevity. I had already started a mostly vegetarian diet before, preferring the plant-based proteins to animal proteins; I also reduced cheese. Thanks to the FMD, I had a great confirmation of why I felt better.

In addition, the second book “At the Table of Longevity” which contains many recipes of the Mediterranean culinary tradition. We immediately realize how, without great endeavour, we can fulfil the goal of health and longevity by respecting the food traditions of our grandparents. I think it’s a wonderful message!

“Prolonging life through diet’ is therefore possible. I personally recommend the Fasting Mimicking Diet, without any doubt, because, as I said before, the beneficial effects are obvious and it is reassuring that everything is based on scientific data“.

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo


Healthy Eating: the opinion of the expert Alessandro Laviano

Alessandro Laviano has a remarkable resume. Over the years, he has had different positions nationally and internationally. A doctor of internal medicine and nephrology at the Umberto I Hospital in Rome, he specialized in the field of nutrition and healthy eating, focusing his research on the benefits resulting from the integration of a pharmacological and nutritional approach to patients with pathologies such as cancer. Besides, Professor Laviano participated in the research that led to the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) as a teacher of Internal Medicine and Metabolic Diseases at “La Sapienza” University in Rome.

Healthy Eating: A Way to Prevent Disease

Healthy eating

Professor Laviano, nowadays, how important is healthy eating?

It is very important from a medical, social and economic point of view. There is a growing evidence that correct nutrition is a major asset in the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases and in recovery from disease. In addition, costs for the use of new treatments are excessively expensive for many health systems, but they do not always provide satisfactory results in terms of efficiency, have a look at recent examples in oncology. However, nutrition is an effective strategy that could reduce the need for pharmacotherapy for many patients. Even so, it is clear we will still need medicines to cure many diseases. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help drug treatments increase their effectiveness and reduce costs to the society.

What do you think of a diet able to reproduce the metabolic effects of fasting, which is essentially the aim of the FMD?

The role of fasting in disease prevention has been a topic of research for decades, but its transition from laboratory to daily life has always been limited by the inherent difficulty of following caloric restriction and periodic fasting for months and years. Therefore, being able to follow a diet that, being low-calorie can mimic the metabolic effects of fasting, allows us to obtain greater compliance with the program compared to a caloric restriction of several months or years.

Professor, on many occasions you have expressed your opinion on the “DIY” method. What are the drawbacks method this could cause?

Food is a powerful inducer of biological responses, just as food abstinence. The consequences of period of caloric restriction, even a short one, can be associated with particularly complex imbalances in hydro-electrolytes or carbohydrate metabolism. It is always better if those fasting mimicking diet periods are carried out using formulas validated and confirmed by thousands of subjects around the world. Unfortunately, when it comes to food, we all think we are experts. Actually, food, if properly handled, can act as a powerful beneficial drug, but in the meanwhile, it can lead to harmful metabolic alterations.

Why should a person choose the FMD as a food kit, scientifically and clinically formulated, rather than relying on a similar diet?

In addition to what I said previously, I think the important and practical motivation to follow the FMD in the form of a food kit is due to the beneficial and protective effects that have been proved only for the kit. Therefore, relying on another similar diet may not have the desired effects, and even bring about alterations of body composition.

You have followed several patients during the five days of the FMD, what did you conclude?

So far, I have been able to follow several healthy and ill subjects. I must say that no one has encountered any particular difficulty in following the FMD, proving that it is a diet that can easily be followed. The most surprising and often observed thing was the great energy that most of the subjects treated had, even during the period of FMD. Moreover, almost all the subjects who, before the FMD, reported osteoarticular pains, afterwards we noticed all the painful symptoms had totally disappeared.

Would you advise FMD, followed with the clinically approved method, to patients with certain pathophysiological conditions?

The FMD is safe in healthy subjects, and probably even more effective in patients with chronic and degenerative conditions. Of course, we need clinical studies to confirm this, but I already consider that it is possible to integrate the FMD into standard medical therapy after having explained everything to the patient and in agreement with the doctor who follows him or her.

Could this be a good integration to standard medicine?

Certainly, in order to increase its efficiency and not replace it.

According to your experience as a doctor, could you describe the fasting mimicking diet?

  • A simple and effective strategy
  • Contributes to achieve successfully aging
  • Helps live longer and better.


 Article written by: Francesca Florenzo


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Live longer and healthier: interview with professor Mirisola about the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Live longer and healthier

The concept of “Live longer and healthier“, which nowadays, given the increased risk of pathologies, seems to be unachievable, is based on the always more certain conviction that nutrition contributes to its realization.

Science has certainly improved qualitatively human life, both through the introduction of new technologies, in the fields of biology and medicine.

Is it possible to live longer and healthier through nutrition? Professor Mirisola explains how!

Professor Mario Mirisola, an illustrious professor of biology and genetics at the University of Palermo, has deepened his studies on the genetics of longevity. Thanks to his many skills, he actively participated in the research project of Professor Valter Longo and collaborated in what is now known as the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD).

Professor Mirisola can you tell us when and how did you start working with Valter Longo?

“I met Longo in 2007 after winning a Fulbright grant from the US State Department. During my career, I have always shown interest and curiosity for all these factors that can affect lifespan. It is surprising to discover how a caloric restriction (CR) and an appropriate lifestyle can be the main promoter of longevity and thus contribute to “living longer and healthier”. I therefore considered his laboratory as one of the most promising in the field of longevity research”.

Today, it seems that the thesis that our health is somehow related to food is always more confirmed. So, is it wise to talk about food that help us “live longer and healthier?”

“Absolutely! Hippocrates had already imagined that if we gave to the sick food they needed, we would be able to cure all diseases. The idea that there is a close correlation between our state of health and a correct diet is not new. Recently, however, many of the details that have found out have allowed us to study more thoroughly the metabolic pathways that are activated and extinct in our bodies by individual nutrients (molecular nutrition). This discovery could therefore allow us to live longer and in better health”.

So, could the correction of our eating habits help us prevent chronic non-transmissible diseases?

“Yes, for example, certain conditions increase the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases such as hypercholesterolemia or insulin resistance. These conditions are strongly associated with the development of different types of pathologies (cardiovascular, tumours, diabetes), which can be corrected and reduced very efficiently by regulating nutrition “.

Professor, as mentioned earlier, you have contributed to the research project on the Fasting Mimicking Diet … We would like to have your opinion:

“The FMD is extremely effective, the improvements obtained are surprising, both in the general population and in patients suffering from many pathologies. Blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index decrease in all subjects, but especially in those who particularly have high values”.

As an expert in medical genetics, what results have been highlighted?

“From the molecular point of view, there is a hormonal reorganization with the decrease of a key hormone that promotes the mechanisms of aging, IGF-1. We also know that there is an important response to the Fasting Mimicking Diet, not only coming from the immune system but also from the stem cells, which brings about a kind of tissue regeneration. Scientific research shows that, thanks to nutrition, the concept of living longer and healthier could be achievable. ”

You followed and guided many people through this trip. It would be interesting to know the results of a pathology…

“During the 5 days provided by ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet, I monitored the values ​​of different patients with important conditions such as cancer. What I could find in these subjects was a more positive response to chemotherapy treatments. Let me explain you: reactions to the toxicity of chemotherapy are additive that is to say, as the cycles go ahead, side effects increase; who had already done several cycles of chemotherapy had a higher toxicity. After the FMD, the inflammation and toxicity values ​​have considerably reduced! Do you want to know what the most common comment was? “If only I had done it before.”

Can FMD help treat some diseases?

“Clinical trials and research are still ongoing, but the results so far suggest that these, combined with traditional treatments, can bring benefits and allow us to live longer and healthier. I’d like to emphasize that not everyone can take part in the protocol, especially in the presence of pathologies, an authorization from your doctor/specialist is necessary and for some, it could be contraindicated “.

What is the perspective of the Fasting Mimicking Diet the in combination with the traditional therapies currently used for the treatment of pathologies?

“For tumours and other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, the results are very positive. Currently, we cannot draw definitive conclusion, the available figures are still low, but research keeps going on. Among the effects, there is also a decrease of the C-reactive protein, an indicator of the state of inflammation of our body. Improving these parameters suggests that FMD can be very effective in improving health or preventing chronic degenerative diseases. We expect this to have a major impact on health. We are currently starting a clinical trial on subjects with a high genetic risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, so we hope to be able to say more about the effects of this nutritional approach in the coming months on preventing the onset of diseases “.

Professor, the number of people who go on diet with DIY methods is growing more and more! What is your opinion on this choice…?

“In general, it’s not a good idea. During the different phases of the day, the distribution between macronutrients is important. In the ProLon® kit, the balance between macro and micronutrients, minerals and vitamins is the result of a scientific logic and thus guarantees its effectiveness. The kit greatly simplifies the task and makes it more reproducible, precisely because it is tested on a very large number of people.

What would you recommend?

“DIY fasting is not impossible, but not being experts in the field can lead to disasters in general, and may involve a deficiency for some substances, or too much for others. I therefore recommend that you always consult a nutritionist who knows the FMD argument and who does not improvise.

We conclude with three adjectives to describe the Fasting Mimicking Diet:

  • Effective
  • Healthy
  • Surprising

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo


Caloric Restriction: The 5 Days of Lucia

When it comes to deal with something new, doubts and questions that arise are numerous and often come with a kind of scepticism. In order to remove these doubts, at least in part, telling you my personal experience could be useful. Lucia, is a 36-year-old homemaker and full-time mother, she is sharing with us her own experience of the 5 days caloric restriction provided by ProLon’s Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)!

Lucia, how did you know Pr. Longo?

“I was at home zapping on TV when an interview running on a channel on the show” le Iene“caught my attention.
They were talking about a certain 5-day diet designed by a scientist. Before that time, I had never heard of Professor Longo. So, intrigued by the subject treated in this famous interview, I did some research. After getting more information and understanding that it was not about a common slimming diet, I decided to contact you.’’

Is this the first time you have been on a calorie restriction?

“In the past, I followed diets aiming at losing weight. One of the reasons I decided to follow this type of dietary approach is precisely because it has a very different purpose. I have been suffering bowel issues for a year and a half. Food intolerance has led me to exclude certain types of food, and I must admit that it has been tough to me because I am a “hearty eater”. I did not imagine that it could be a food protocol enabling the body reset, so I thought, “why not try it”.

Did you have any particular difficulty following the diet with the kit?

“No, I must say it is easy to use. It was exactly what I was looking for: something schematic that dictated what to do and how. Of course, the mind-set is important, but having something structured day after day is a fundamental help!”

Please, describe us the 5 days

“The first day, I did not feel anything particular, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th I had a strange headache, but nothing unbearable, I do not know, I would define it more like a “feeling of tiredness”. In addition, the first nights, I was a little tired. The last day, I had some issues to eat the preparations, but only for a matter of taste!”

Have you been very hungry during the 5 days?

“Honestly, not during the day. Only in the evening I was a bit hungry, especially when I had to cook for my family, it is very hard to resist the temptations, but luckily, the desire to follow scrupulously this program was stronger and I did not give up.”

Considering that it is very subjective, which are the preparations that you have most appreciated among all the preparations?

“The bars and the olives were very tasty, but what I liked the most was the minestrone, a good flavor, I would say!”

 What did you dislike?

“The tomato soup, on the fifth day I could not appreciate the taste. I did not like the kale cracker either.”

Let’s talk about the results:

“The first obvious factor is the decrease of the abdominal circumference. I have lost more or less 2 kg. Besides, you feel more energetic and your ability to focus seems to have improved a lot. I also had a positive return in my daily life. Let me explain, before I used to dislike vegetables and I did not drink liquids during the day, now I have integrated vegetables and I drink at least 1.5 litter of water during the day”.

What is about the problems you mentioned at the beginning of the interview?

“It was the most surprising result. Since I started this diet, I do not have intestinal problems anymore, I can finally eat dairy products, I do not know what kind of correlation is there, but I am very enthusiastic. In January, after Christmas holidays, I absolutely want to do it again! ”

Three adjectives to describe the fasting mimicking diet

  • Surprising
  • Useful
  • Well studied

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5 Day Diet: DR Attinà answers frequently asked questions

The “health / food” pairing has always caught the attention of the scientific world. According to Valter Longo, an Italian scientist and professor of gerontology at the University of Southern California, it is possible to reprogram the body, slowing down the aging process of cells, through a scientifically and clinically tested meal protocol (the Fasting Mimicking Diet, also known as the 5-day diet). The Fasting Mimicking Diet is becoming more and more popular among healthy food addicts and not only. The beneficial effects received are very numerous, as are the questions and the curiosity that this diet raises.

Today, Dr. Alda Attinà, nutrition biologist, responsible and coordinator of the scientific department of L-Nutra, will answer the most frequently asked questions related to the 5 day diet (the Fasting Mimicking Diet).


Doctor, more and more people follow and want to join the dietary protocol of the fasting diet (FMD). What do you think?

“Please notice that the growing number of people who are opening up and interested in the issue of fasting therapy is fascinating. More specifically, I believe that this interest in the FMD is because it is not about a classic diet only aiming at losing weight, but protocol designed to face cellular aging’’


What is the most common side effect during the 5-day diet? What is possible to do?

“One of the most common side effects is headache, and the use of drugs (such as pain killers or anti-inflammatories) during the fasting diet is discouraged, only if advised by a doctor. Hydration is a way to avoid this feeling of dizziness during the 5 days. It is advisable to drink at least 2.5 litres of water per day as indicated in instructions contained in the box”.


Is it possible to replace one of the components contained in the kit?

The ProLon® kit, as it is composed, is the result of scientific research that confirms its effectiveness. Remove, replace or add a component (salt, oil) is strongly discouraged, because it would spoil the formulation tested in the laboratory, which has brought about the clinical results. In case of allergies (i.e. nuts, nickel), it is better, from the beginning, to away from the FMD.

During the 5-day meal plan, what should we avoid and what should we do?

“As mentioned before, hydration is important. Besides, you must avoid the exposure to extreme temperatures (for example, very hot or very cold showers, saunas). During the 5 days, physical activity must be avoided. The cells of our body, exploiting the fasting mimicking condition, are in regeneration phase; therefore, it is better not to tire the body. Then resuming the physical activity will be even more enjoyable, thanks to the spike of energy and vitality!”


How often must the blood pressure be measured?

“In patients without blood pressure problems, a measurement must be done before the beginning of FMD, and then monitored during the 5-day cycle. However, for those suffering from pressure disorders, it would be better to monitor it and keep the values ​​under control at different times of the day.”

Is it necessary to follow a specific diet after FMD?

“It is better to have a transition day by gradually introducing the usual foods. Animal proteins and their derivatives must be avoided, such as meat and dairy products, in accordance with the principle of the longevity diet. The fish, small and blue fish can be consumed even twice a week. You can resume a diet with a bit more of solid foods (i.e. small portions of cereals and whole-wheat pasta.) Vegetables must never miss, it doesn’t matter if cooked or raw. When it comes to snacks, prefer dried fruits with seasonal fruits, to be consumed out of meals to avoid sugar overload”.

If a person does not go into ketosis, is there a risk of nullifying the benefits of the FMD?

“The answer is not so linear. The outset of our body into ketosis varies from a person to another and does not appear immediately among all the people. This depends a lot on the starting metabolism, if it is subject to insulin resistance, it may start ketosis later. However, this does not mean that FMD does not work, but, as the scientific articles and the professor’s research show, its effectiveness also affects other areas of our body, regardless of ketosis “.

Give us an example

“First of all, the glucose and cholesterol values ​​are drastically reduced. The reduction in abdominal circumference, which causes fat loss, is also one of the effects of FMD. the number of people who subsequently changed their eating habits, preferring more and more healthy food in their daily lifestyle, so the desired result, I repeat, does not only occur with an outset into ketosis, but also with cellular regeneration and improvement of other parameters because the body is in a state of fasting mimicking “.

A question that many are asking is if the use of caffeine is allowed

“For best results, during the FMD, caffeine must be completely avoided, even if a cup of coffee a day was allowed at the beginning. Even the use of teas other than those in the box is not recommended.”

When should the preliminary and consecutive analyses to the FMD be conducted?

Analyses can also be performed the day before the FMD starts. At the end, you have to allow the metabolism time to readjust. I generally recommend that no earlier than 15/20 days, because the molecular pathways could still be in the reset phase. “


The six benefits of the fasting mimicking diet


The Fasting Mimicking Diet, devised by Professor Valter Longo, if followed correctly, may represent an alternative way of finding the right balance with the body. According to the publication of the journal Science Translational Medicine, the potential benefits of this practice are numerous and their application extends to different fields, from the scientific field to the clinical one.

By repeating this cycle steadily over time, after a period varying between 3 and 6 months depending on the risk factors, Professor Longo explains that it would be possible to obtain a “cell regeneration” effect based on the death of non-efficient cells and on the production of new stem cells.

It does not deal with an actual fasting; the word “mimicking” suggests a diet that imitates the effects of fasting. The Fasting Mimicking Diet lasts only a few days, more exactly five days during which there will be an improvement of every feature of our body. Let’s analyse them together!


  1. Better preservation of cognitive functions. Adopting a low-calorie diet not only contributes to cellular regeneration but also helps to reinforce neural regeneration and enhance learning abilities.
  2. Reduction of abdominal fat with a significant increase in muscle mass in relation to body weight.
  3. Decrease of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Studies assert that it would be able to repair pancreatic cells responsible for producing insulin.
  4. Significant improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol values ​​in subjects having the following alterations.
  5. The strategic deprivation of certain nutrients, not only prevents the risk of developing pathologies such as cancer, but it has also produced a decrease in the IGF1 hormone by stimulating the regeneration of tissues. The hormone IGF1 is necessary for growth during development. However, when we get older it is a cause of diseases in the process of cellular aging.
  6. A rejuvenation of the immune system, a kind of “reset” whereby about a third will be destroyed, and will be rebuilt during the refeeding, or when a normal diet is resumed.

The benefits of Fasting Mimicking Diet can be numerous and affect different areas of our body. Thanks to these 5 days of restriction, repeated steadily in time, clinical tests have determined the possibility of obtaining an effect of “reprogramming” internal cells, helping our body to cope with the passage of time.

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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Professor Longo and the meal plan of the Fasting Mimicking Diet


The professor Valter Longo has recently been invited to the TV show “Presa Diretta” (if you want to watch the full interview video click on During this interview, different aspects of nutrition and diets were discussed, adopted as a lifestyle to improve health, as well as the most important aspects of the various functionalities of the FMD (Fasting Mimicking Diet), result of scientific research, could have on the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

Let’s go through some of them:


Firstly, the Professor emphasizes the importance of establishing a controlled caloric restriction diet. It deals with a meal program in which it is essential to measure the level of certain components. Deprivation of certain nutrients or even the adoption of an “extreme” diet often does not produce the desired effects and, in some cases, can be very dangerous for our body. Practicing a fasting simulation eating food is really a clever choice!


The studies conducted by Professor Valter Longo led to the creation of a dietary protocol simulating the effects of fasting, hence the name Fasting Mimicking Diet. The diet mimicking fasting can be considered as a therapy whose purpose is precisely to reactivate the regenerative principles of the body.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet was first tested on animal models. Its application has shown how the body is able to “self-repair” by replacing damaged cells, while preserving young and functional cells.


The first studies were carried out on laboratory mice to determine their positive effects in diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Each FMD cycle could destroy a harmful autoimmune component, enhancing the regeneration of damaged cells. In 50% of mice, the symptoms of multiple sclerosis lowered significantly and in 20% of them, they decreased.  Although it still being tested, a pilot study led subsequently on patients suffering from multiple sclerosis revealed improvements in life and health quality of the latters. These improvements have also been reported for diseases such as diabetes or other neurodegenerative diseases.


The difference between the Fasting Mimicking Diet and the Diet of Longevity (of which Professor Longo gives many illustrations in his first book), is the daily protein intake. According to Professor Longo’s studies, high protein consumption activates the hormone lGF1, a growth hormone involving aging and therefore the outbreak of diseases associated with it. However, when we talk about proteins, we must pay attention to the beneficial ones to our body and the harmful ones! Professor Longo prefers vegetables, whose sources are legumes, whole grains and dried fruits, to the animal proteins, which undoubtedly involve the outbreak of diseases.

The research conducted by Professor Valter Longo is constantly evolving. A healthy and balanced diet can therefore improve our quality of life. Moreover, we cannot exclude the possibility of applying FMD in the future, in combination with conventional treatments, for the treatment of some pathologies.

Prolon, in collaboration with Professor Valter Longo, has developed a 5-day food kit, which is clinically tested and easy-to-use that enables to follow the fasting mimicking diet.

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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My experience with the PROLON kit

My experience with the PROLON kit

My experience with the PROLON kit

Francesco Scarparo, 62, from Brindisi, is the owner of a sporting goods store. A year and a half ago, he learned of the The Fasting Mimicking Diet proposed by Professor Valter Longo via two clients. Intrigued, he decided to know more about it, thus taking a nutrition path that embraced the principles of the Longevity Diet, first with a “do-it-yourself” method, then choosing an easier and safer approach with the ProLon Kit of the Fasting Mimicking Diet.


  1. You enjoy good health. What did prompt you to adopt Pr. Longo’s vision?

Actually, I did not know the professor. Two of my clients told me about it. When my sister also started to follow the principles promoted by the latter, I decided to learn about the several scientific research and I told to myself: “Why not to try”. What impressed me most was the idea of ​​dietary education as well as the potential effect of cell regeneration through nutrition. I think it is essential to follow proper balanced diet, especially nowadays, we eat everything and we do it in a haphazard way, without thinking about the consequences that could be detrimental to our health.

  1. Why did you decide to buy the ProLon kit?

With my job, I am often away from home. I needed something easy and ready to use, but I wanted to follow this path with a scientifically proven and clinically safe method that would not compromise my health, while ensuring the desired effects. That is why I decided to buy the Prolon kit.

  1. Describe your 5 days of dieting … Did you face any particular difficulties.

Actually, I have not encountered any particular difficulties; the preparations are structured in a clear and simple way for each day. On the physical side, only on the third day I had a little headache, but otherwise, I did not suffer any side effects.

  1. What were the benefits?

Weight loss is the least important factor, with a FMD cycle; I lost about 4.2 kg / 4.3 kg. I have always been a person having a weak immune defence, the kind of person who falls easily sick. I have not been sick for a year and a half, that is to say, since I have been on this diet, my body temperature has stabilized. Moreover, every day, I constantly monitored my blood pressure and my heart rate and there were significant results!

  1. What are the results?

Before doing the FMD, I used to take half a pill to keep my blood pressure under control, but now I do not take it anymore! In addition, I always monitored my heart rate, which was around 75/70 BPM, while now at rest it is around 50/52 BPM. Besides, mental clarity and concentration have improved even after the end of the cycle.

  1. Do you practise any sport?

I have always been athletic, but I notice better physical feats. Moreover, the metabolism seems to have accelerated, for example, if before I used to burn for 1000 kcal in one hour, in the same amount of time, now I burn 2000 kcal!

  1. What did you like about the kit and what would you change?

Overall, different foods have good flavours. I particularly liked the walnut bar; however, I would change the tomato soup.

  1. The Fasting Mimicking Diet described in 3 words

  • Functional
  • Well-studied
  • Regenerative
  1. Would you recommend it? And how about the most sceptical people

I absolutely would recommend it, and to be honest I’m already doing it, because in my personal experience I only found positive notes. I would also like to add one last thing if you allow it. I have often heard of price, too high for the type of food in the Prolon kit. I would like to remind that components dosing is the result of years of scientific research, so they are not there by chance. In my opinion, this money has been well spent!

What would I say to the most sceptical?

Try it and we’ll talk about it again!


Article rédigé par les soins de :

Francesca Florenzo


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Fasting Mimicking Diet: The 3 phases of cellular regeneration

Fasting Mimicking Diet: the revolution Valter Longo

It has always been said since ancient times that a proper diet, along with a few days of fasting, can have huge benefits for the body. Professor Valter Longo, during his 10-year scientific research has demonstrated how our body activates cell regeneration processes through a caloric restriction that imitates fasting (Fasting Mimicking Diet). These processes help slow cell aging by reducing the risks of exposure to correlated diseases.

It is an actual revolution of the “diet” notion, which is not meant anymore as a dietary restriction aiming at the ultimate goal of weight loss, but a strong ally for the prevention of pathologies and for slowing down the process of cell aging.

It is about reprogramming the body through a specific dietary pattern in order to introduce it into a slower form of aging, a kind of total reset involving benefits to our body by regenerating the immune system and promoting the production of healthy cells.

The 3 phases of cellular regeneration

1) In the first phase, the yeasts, which are simple unicellular organisms having half of genes in common with humans, were the subject of experiments. In the studies carried out by Professor Longo, it has been discovered that by reducing the yeasts’ feeding their life cycle is extended.

2) In the second phase, studies on mice were carried out, demonstrating that a strategic deprivation of certain food, as it had been previously done on yeasts, extends the life expectancy of the rodents. It turns out that such deprivation has also benefits on the immune system, with a significant reduction in the incidence of cancer and inflammatory diseases, as well as on the brain, improving cellular regeneration.

3) In the last phase, Professor Longo and his team were able to obtain a confirmation in humans, corroborating the thesis that a caloric restriction, once a month for five days, not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but also the amount of lGF-1, the growth factor associated with the development of cancer cells. Therefore, the idea of ​​selecting and cataloguing certain types of food that would be part of a controlled diet and would involve benefits not only for the immune and neuronal systems, but also for reducing the incidence of tumours and inflammatory diseases; thence the fasting mimicking diet comes.

Prolon, in collaboration with Professor Valter Longo, has developed a 5-day food kit, which is clinically tested, and easy-to-use that enables to follow the fasting mimicking diet.

 Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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