Did you know that you have the possibility to take advantage of a free consultation with one of our nutritionists? Our Scientific Team is always available for nutritional questions and advice regarding the Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Through this article we interviewed the nutritionist biologist Alda Attilà to learn more about the Scientific Team at L-Nutra. Do you want to know more? Then continue reading!


How was the Scientific Team born?

The Scientific Team was born about 3 years ago in Italy with the aim of giving nutritional and technical assistance to customers at the moment of purchasing ProLon. ProLon is the first programme created to mimic a water only-fasting and it has been very important to guide people on a correct approach to the kit composition, giving them correct suggestions on ProLon, listening to their doubts and helping them for any needs. The main goal of ST L-Nutra is staying next to the client since the first click to our website.


How is it composed?

The Scientific Team is composed by five Nutritionist Biologists, who carry out a preliminary consultation after the purchase of ProLon, as well as answering any doubts or curiosities. The Scientific Team spreads its services to the doctors, nutritionists, physicians and other professionals involved in health and wellness.  The ST also deals with informing and training the Health Care Providers, to expand the network of the Experts on ProLon and Longevity Diet all over Europe. The Scientific Team aims to build up a professionals networking for European customers who want to start a personalized nutritional strategy with ProLon. Moreover, the Nutritionist Biologists of the Scientific Team periodically care on the preparation of scientific articles to contribute on healthy lifestyle divulgation. Finally, the ST is active on Facebook, Instagram and Linked with the homonymous profiles.

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 How does it work with customers?

The Scientific Team calls every customer after purchasing ProLon. The goal is to offer a free preliminary consultation on ProLon-Fasting Mimicking Diet and explain how to correctly use the 5 days-box. First, the ST reminds the client all the conditions in which ProLon should not be used, in order to approach it safely. Later, it is explained how the ProLon kit is made of and what to do during the 5 days, also showing them the eventual side effects, they could experience during the fasting mimicking state.  Of course, the ST assistance service is also available when people are following ProLon to give the right solutions to fight the side effects, reassuring customers they can count on our continuous availability for any doubt or necessities.


On which digital platforms is it present?

The Scientific Team is active and operative on different digital platforms. You can contact the Nutritionists Biologist on the Facebook Page “Scientific Team at L-Nutra“, Instagram “ufficioscientificolnutra”  and on Linkedin “Scientific Team at L-Nutra“.

The digital service of the ST grew during Covid-19 pandemy because of the necessity to stay next to the clients particularly in a tough contest like that. We created IG directs, surveys, infographics, and more other contents. Surprisingly, we assisted to a very positive response from the social media public and we decided to continue with the same service also in the post-lockdown phase.


What is the possibility for professionals who want to prescribe ProLon?

As said before, the main aim of the Scientific Team is to extend and spread the Network of Health care Providers in all Europe. Thus, all professionals who want to train, learn, or prescribe ProLon can request a free contact with the Scientific Team at L-Nutra to set training and share insights on the latest scientific evidences on Fasting Mimicking Diets, Caloric restriction, Longevity Diet and healthy lifestyle.

Do not hesitate to contact us! Communicate ProLon, share scientific experience.