Honey is an antibacterial and antibiotic ally of the immune system, used not only for natural health but also in cosmetics.

The word honey seems to derive from the hittite melit, a neutral form to which the Latin word mel is linked, from which the figurative use of the term melle is also borrowed. Many believe that sugar and honey are equally nutritious, the second has many virtues that sugar lacks. Peter Molan, professor of biochemistry and director of the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand, has been studying the beneficial virtues of honey for over 15 years. In one of his laboratory experiments, Dr. Molan sprinkled seven types of bacteria on honey, usually responsible for wound infections. All seven types of bacteria have been neutralized by the precious bee product. In France, even the scientist Bernard Descottes, head of the Department of Internal Surgery and Transplants of the Limoges Hospital, already in 1984 started using honey to treat some healing problems and to treat sores, with extremely positive results that brought him to formulate a real “honey-based therapy”, renamed by him with the name of “apitherapy”.

Properties and benefits of honey. Why is antibacterial and antibiotic?

One of the most important functions of honey is antibacterial and antibiotic: many types of honey contain significant quantities of hydrogen peroxide, that is, hydrogen peroxide, the same that is usually used to disinfect wounds. The high temperatures to which honey is subjected during pasteurization neutralize some beneficial substances: to obtain the maximum bactericidal effect, the ideal is raw, untreated honey.

In addition to stopping surface infections, honey alleviates the symptoms of gastric ulcers and is used for the treatment of diarrhea which, especially in children, can be dangerous because it causes dehydration. Honey is also effective against constipation, since it contains large quantities of fructose, sugar capable of reaching the large intestine without having been digested. Fructose also confers a particular sweetening power and a prolonged antibacterial and antibiotic effect because, while glucose is burned immediately, fructose has emollient properties thanks to which it remains “available” for the longer physical.

The calories contained in honey are 304 kcal per 100g of product. Depending on the type of honey, the therapeutic properties also change: acacia honey acts positively on the digestive system, forest honey is indicated in flu states, orange honey has healing properties, sunflower honey is anti-neuralgic, febrifugal, recommended against cholesterol. Furthermore, heather honey has an anti-rheumatic, anti-anemic action, linden honey calms menstrual pain, is calming, diuretic and digestive, while wildflower honey has a detoxifying action on the liver.


FMD: The scientific method of PR.Longo to purify the body!

Let’s talk about what initially seemed to be a passing trend and then turned out to be much more: the scientific method of PR.Longo to purify the body

Indeed, the FMD (the Fasting Mimicking Diet) of Professor Valter Longo deserves to be seen in a larger scenario.

While it is true that interpretation is subjective, science and its results are rather objective!

Today, we are considering, in an objective way, the results of the research carried out by the Italian scientist in the epidemiological and clinical fields.

However, let’s start from the beginning!

Professor Longo applied his knowledge to medicine in the biochemical field.

A prolonged calorie restriction in mice, monkeys and humans has had positive effects to reduce certain types of diseases (diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases). Nevertheless, at the same time, it can expose our body, which is in a fragile condition, to collateral damages, which can be serious!

That is why the necessity of creating a method that not only ensures adequate nutrition, but it minimizes side effects as well.

FMD with ProLon® represents this method!

After years of research and clinical tests (because I repeat, before establishing some experimental results, the scientific method requires to perform all possible controls), the FMD aims at activating in our body, through a 5-day caloric restriction, a rejuvenation of the functional part.

Here are some results obtained on 100 patients:

  • Loss of abdominal fat
  • Reduction of blood glucose
  • Reduced blood pressure (in people with low blood pressure, it still unchanged)
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Reduction of IGF-1 (a hormone associated with the outbreak of tumors)
  • Reduction of triglycerides

  Not forgetting the results obtained on mice:

  • Life extension of 11%
  • Reduction of inflammatory skin disorders
  • Rejuvenation of the immune system
  • Better motor coordination
  • Optimization of brain function
  • Reduced tumor incidence (the FMD group was less likely to become ill and, when this occurred, the nature of the tumor was benign).


  1. During “partial fasting”, a temporary decrease in lean body mass occurs. It returns to the initial values ​​when you go back to eat regularly. This temporary loss leads to muscle regeneration that also affects organs and the different systems. The FMD deceives our body into believing that it is fasting. Therefore, while eliminating unnecessary components, the stem cells promoting these processes are activated.

FMD – Cell regeneration

  1. The beneficial effects persist for months: it is shown for example that after 3 months from the end of a FMD cycle, the various changes affecting different areas of the body are still there at 60% and occur every time the protocol is applied.
  2. During 5 days, the body is in a state of ketosis, a process in which cells use alternative glucose substrates, i.e. ketones or fatty acids. For its measurement, it is better to contact a specialized laboratory.
  3. Several cycles of FMD, in a short period, are only recommended for people with weight issues or disease problems for which the doctor determines which cycle must be applied.
  4. The application of this periodic diet, in the event of a pathology, must be authorized by a specialist and must not be considered as substitution treatment, but possibly in combination with standard cures.

Studies on FMD in relation to certain diseases are constantly evolving. The data obtained so far gives us hope that a controlled periodic calorie restriction could be a new tool available in modern medicine to prevent and treat important diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

At the San Martino Hospital in Genoa, a study will begin not only on the different forms of Alzheimer’s, but also on chronic leukaemia!

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

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Live longer and healthier: interview with professor Mirisola about the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Live longer and healthier

The concept of “Live longer and healthier“, which nowadays, given the increased risk of pathologies, seems to be unachievable, is based on the always more certain conviction that nutrition contributes to its realization.

Science has certainly improved qualitatively human life, both through the introduction of new technologies, in the fields of biology and medicine.

Is it possible to live longer and healthier through nutrition? Professor Mirisola explains how!

Professor Mario Mirisola, an illustrious professor of biology and genetics at the University of Palermo, has deepened his studies on the genetics of longevity. Thanks to his many skills, he actively participated in the research project of Professor Valter Longo and collaborated in what is now known as the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD).

Professor Mirisola can you tell us when and how did you start working with Valter Longo?

“I met Longo in 2007 after winning a Fulbright grant from the US State Department. During my career, I have always shown interest and curiosity for all these factors that can affect lifespan. It is surprising to discover how a caloric restriction (CR) and an appropriate lifestyle can be the main promoter of longevity and thus contribute to “living longer and healthier”. I therefore considered his laboratory as one of the most promising in the field of longevity research”.

Today, it seems that the thesis that our health is somehow related to food is always more confirmed. So, is it wise to talk about food that help us “live longer and healthier?”

“Absolutely! Hippocrates had already imagined that if we gave to the sick food they needed, we would be able to cure all diseases. The idea that there is a close correlation between our state of health and a correct diet is not new. Recently, however, many of the details that have found out have allowed us to study more thoroughly the metabolic pathways that are activated and extinct in our bodies by individual nutrients (molecular nutrition). This discovery could therefore allow us to live longer and in better health”.

So, could the correction of our eating habits help us prevent chronic non-transmissible diseases?

“Yes, for example, certain conditions increase the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases such as hypercholesterolemia or insulin resistance. These conditions are strongly associated with the development of different types of pathologies (cardiovascular, tumours, diabetes), which can be corrected and reduced very efficiently by regulating nutrition “.

Professor, as mentioned earlier, you have contributed to the research project on the Fasting Mimicking Diet … We would like to have your opinion:

“The FMD is extremely effective, the improvements obtained are surprising, both in the general population and in patients suffering from many pathologies. Blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index decrease in all subjects, but especially in those who particularly have high values”.

As an expert in medical genetics, what results have been highlighted?

“From the molecular point of view, there is a hormonal reorganization with the decrease of a key hormone that promotes the mechanisms of aging, IGF-1. We also know that there is an important response to the Fasting Mimicking Diet, not only coming from the immune system but also from the stem cells, which brings about a kind of tissue regeneration. Scientific research shows that, thanks to nutrition, the concept of living longer and healthier could be achievable. ”

You followed and guided many people through this trip. It would be interesting to know the results of a pathology…

“During the 5 days provided by ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet, I monitored the values ​​of different patients with important conditions such as cancer. What I could find in these subjects was a more positive response to chemotherapy treatments. Let me explain you: reactions to the toxicity of chemotherapy are additive that is to say, as the cycles go ahead, side effects increase; who had already done several cycles of chemotherapy had a higher toxicity. After the FMD, the inflammation and toxicity values ​​have considerably reduced! Do you want to know what the most common comment was? “If only I had done it before.”

Can FMD help treat some diseases?

“Clinical trials and research are still ongoing, but the results so far suggest that these, combined with traditional treatments, can bring benefits and allow us to live longer and healthier. I’d like to emphasize that not everyone can take part in the protocol, especially in the presence of pathologies, an authorization from your doctor/specialist is necessary and for some, it could be contraindicated “.

What is the perspective of the Fasting Mimicking Diet the in combination with the traditional therapies currently used for the treatment of pathologies?

“For tumours and other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, the results are very positive. Currently, we cannot draw definitive conclusion, the available figures are still low, but research keeps going on. Among the effects, there is also a decrease of the C-reactive protein, an indicator of the state of inflammation of our body. Improving these parameters suggests that FMD can be very effective in improving health or preventing chronic degenerative diseases. We expect this to have a major impact on health. We are currently starting a clinical trial on subjects with a high genetic risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, so we hope to be able to say more about the effects of this nutritional approach in the coming months on preventing the onset of diseases “.

Professor, the number of people who go on diet with DIY methods is growing more and more! What is your opinion on this choice…?

“In general, it’s not a good idea. During the different phases of the day, the distribution between macronutrients is important. In the ProLon® kit, the balance between macro and micronutrients, minerals and vitamins is the result of a scientific logic and thus guarantees its effectiveness. The kit greatly simplifies the task and makes it more reproducible, precisely because it is tested on a very large number of people.

What would you recommend?

“DIY fasting is not impossible, but not being experts in the field can lead to disasters in general, and may involve a deficiency for some substances, or too much for others. I therefore recommend that you always consult a nutritionist who knows the FMD argument and who does not improvise.

We conclude with three adjectives to describe the Fasting Mimicking Diet:

  • Effective
  • Healthy
  • Surprising

Article written by: Francesca Florenzo

My experience with the PROLON kit

My experience with the PROLON kit

My experience with the PROLON kit

Francesco Scarparo, 62, from Brindisi, is the owner of a sporting goods store. A year and a half ago, he learned of the The Fasting Mimicking Diet proposed by Professor Valter Longo via two clients. Intrigued, he decided to know more about it, thus taking a nutrition path that embraced the principles of the Longevity Diet, first with a “do-it-yourself” method, then choosing an easier and safer approach with the ProLon Kit of the Fasting Mimicking Diet.


  1. You enjoy good health. What did prompt you to adopt Pr. Longo’s vision?

Actually, I did not know the professor. Two of my clients told me about it. When my sister also started to follow the principles promoted by the latter, I decided to learn about the several scientific research and I told to myself: “Why not to try”. What impressed me most was the idea of ​​dietary education as well as the potential effect of cell regeneration through nutrition. I think it is essential to follow proper balanced diet, especially nowadays, we eat everything and we do it in a haphazard way, without thinking about the consequences that could be detrimental to our health.

  1. Why did you decide to buy the ProLon kit?

With my job, I am often away from home. I needed something easy and ready to use, but I wanted to follow this path with a scientifically proven and clinically safe method that would not compromise my health, while ensuring the desired effects. That is why I decided to buy the Prolon kit.

  1. Describe your 5 days of dieting … Did you face any particular difficulties.

Actually, I have not encountered any particular difficulties; the preparations are structured in a clear and simple way for each day. On the physical side, only on the third day I had a little headache, but otherwise, I did not suffer any side effects.

  1. What were the benefits?

Weight loss is the least important factor, with a FMD cycle; I lost about 4.2 kg / 4.3 kg. I have always been a person having a weak immune defence, the kind of person who falls easily sick. I have not been sick for a year and a half, that is to say, since I have been on this diet, my body temperature has stabilized. Moreover, every day, I constantly monitored my blood pressure and my heart rate and there were significant results!

  1. What are the results?

Before doing the FMD, I used to take half a pill to keep my blood pressure under control, but now I do not take it anymore! In addition, I always monitored my heart rate, which was around 75/70 BPM, while now at rest it is around 50/52 BPM. Besides, mental clarity and concentration have improved even after the end of the cycle.

  1. Do you practise any sport?

I have always been athletic, but I notice better physical feats. Moreover, the metabolism seems to have accelerated, for example, if before I used to burn for 1000 kcal in one hour, in the same amount of time, now I burn 2000 kcal!

  1. What did you like about the kit and what would you change?

Overall, different foods have good flavours. I particularly liked the walnut bar; however, I would change the tomato soup.

  1. The Fasting Mimicking Diet described in 3 words

  • Functional
  • Well-studied
  • Regenerative
  1. Would you recommend it? And how about the most sceptical people

I absolutely would recommend it, and to be honest I’m already doing it, because in my personal experience I only found positive notes. I would also like to add one last thing if you allow it. I have often heard of price, too high for the type of food in the Prolon kit. I would like to remind that components dosing is the result of years of scientific research, so they are not there by chance. In my opinion, this money has been well spent!

What would I say to the most sceptical?

Try it and we’ll talk about it again!


Article rédigé par les soins de :

Francesca Florenzo


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